The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office does not accept application forms from Morgan County or other forms created by employment agencies. Applications are available on line at or can be picked up in person at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. An applicant must first complete a written exam, and receive a passing score, before we will begin processing your application. The application packet  requires you to provide; personal, employment and other information to assist command staff in selecting the most qualified candidates for positions within the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

For persons wishing to apply for a Deputy Sheriff position, the following is the process for application and to be selected for a position. Obviously each must be successfully completed per our standards before you are allowed to proceed further;

  1. Written exam/questionnaire
  2. Oral Board
  3. Background investigation
  4. Job shadow
  5. Interview with Sheriff and Undersheriff
  6. Psychological evaluation
  7. Conditional offer of employment
  8. Medical exam and drug screening

NOTE: An ethical approach to employment as, or appointment to, any positions within the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, not just limited to Deputy Sheriff or other sworn positions, translates to the building of trust of the applicant during the process, and as an employee if selected for, or appointed to a position.

ANY information on any exams, applications, questionnaires, forms or documents submitted by the applicant, or given verbally by the applicant, or by any references during the background information, which are false, untrue, misleading or not completely disclosed, except where protected by law, shall be grounds for immediate disqualification from the application/selection process and any further consideration for any position within the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, paid or volunteer.

Upon discovery of any statements, verbally or in writing, or any other documentation which are false, untrue, misleading or not fully disclosed as above, by any person hired or appointed to a position within the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, shall be grounds for immediate termination of employment and/or termination/revocation of any appointment.


Applicants shall;

  • Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, for sworn positions which include Deputy Sheriff (both POST and non-certified), Investigators and all supervisor and command staff ranks. Master Control Operators, Administrative Assistants, Accounting Clerk II and Victim Services Coordinator shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Have a high school diploma or its equivalency.
  • Have a valid Colorado driver’s license and acceptable driving record
  • Have no convictions for any offenses which would be cause for revocation or denial of a P.O.S.T. certificate, including those convictions or crimes with similar elements from municipal courts or states other than Colorado.
  • Not be a current user of illegal drugs within the past five (5) years .
  • Deputy Sheriff positions for Patrol, Investigators, Patrol Sergeants, Operations Lieutenant and Undersheriff shall hold a valid Colorado P.O.S.T.-certificate. P.O.S.T. certification for Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant and Lieutenant positions within the jail are optional.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office also has a tobacco-free on-duty policy. NO use of tobacco is allowed while on-duty by any employee or volunteer.



For persons wishing to apply for a Deputy Sheriff position, below is the process for application and to be selected for a position. The application process is simple but structured;

Written exam – this is basically a high school equivalency exam and applicants must receive at least an eighty percent (80%) passing score in order to proceed with the process. Persons who fail to achieve an 80% or greater score, may re-take the test, one time, at least thirty (30) days after the first take.

You must also complete a questionnaire which asks the applicant if they are willing and able to complete various expectations and/or certain conditions inherent with the position of a Deputy Sheriff. Persons answering “no” to any of the questions are asked to re-evaluate their true desire to serve in such a position.

Application packet – complete the entire Personal History review Questionnaire and its accompanying forms contained in the Background Packet, neatly, thoroughly and accurately. If you rush, leave information out, or are sloppy, it will be assumed you will do your job in the same manner and in that case, we don’t want you. So take your time, it’s to your advantage.

After your packet is received, it will be screened for content. Your opportunities may be denied for the following reasons:

  • Minimum qualification standards are not met.
  • History of unsatisfactory work performance.
  • Conviction for a felony crime or any crime that would preclude you from effectively performing the duties of the position applied for.
  • Practiced or attempted to practice deception or fraud in any portion of the selection process.
  • Is a “current” user of illegal drugs. “Current” user is any use of illegal drugs or inappropriate use of prescription drugs within five (5) years of application (NOTE: this includes marijuana and/or THC/cannabis containing products).

Oral Board – If your initial application is approved, you will be called for an interview with a panel of sheriff’s office staff or other persons designated by the Sheriff. There you will be asked questions about work and personal history and be further evaluated for certain character standards.

Background investigation – If you receive a favorable score during the Oral Board, a background investigation will be conducted and further interviews, both group or individual, may take place. As part of this process we will interview persons about your character, personal and job history, but we do not limit ourselves to those employers and references listed in your application.

An application/applicant may be rejected at any stage during this process if any information is discovered which would make the applicant unsuitable for a position. References who fail to disclose requested information may be cause for rejection of an applicant if the office feels that information is relevant enough to proceed with processing.

As part of your screening, you may be required to undergo voice-stress analysis or polygraph examination as well.

Job shadow – when background investigation is at a stage where conditions are favorable to move forward, the sheriff’s office will assign you to a “job shadow” where you either are assigned to a Patrol Deputy for a ride-along, or to a Jail Deputy to “shadow”, during a portion of their shift, depending on what position you are applying for. Hours will vary but a minimum of four (4) consecutive hours is required for you to get at least a basic look at the job environment you are applying for. Just as importantly, the applicant and deputies interact with each other in which we get another evaluation of you and you can begin to make a final determination if this job suits you.

Interview with Sheriff and Undersheriff involves a frank discussion about the job, and our expectations. There is also opportunity for questions to be asked both ways.

Psychological evaluation – a pre-employment psychological evaluation with a psychologist specializing in law enforcement will administer a battery of written tests, as well as a personal interview.

Conditional Offer of Employment and Medical Evaluation – assuming satisfactory progress in the process, a conditional offer of employment will be presented for your approval. The Conditional Offer of Employment will state starting salary amounts and may also set certain conditions of ongoing employment/appointment required of the applicant by the Sheriff.

A follow-up psychological evaluation may be required, if so requested by command staff.

The Conditional Offer will be followed by a physical screening with a county-designated physician. Drug screening is conducted as part of this evaluation.

Once all of these steps are successfully completed and both sides are comfortable in moving forward, you will be called with a start date and provided with uniforms and equipment, if filling a sworn position. You will also be given an appointment with the county’s human resources director to fill out payroll and benefits paperwork. Then, CONGRATULATIONS! – you are now part of our team.

Starting salary for positions vary. Benefit package through Morgan County includes paid personal time off, paid health insurance for employee only (which includes vision and a optional dental plan), and county-matched 4% retirement (after one year). These benefits may change at any time and are set by the Board of Morgan County Commissioners.

The sheriff’s office provides all uniforms (shirts, pants, badge, name tag, etc), body armor, duty handgun, holster and ammo and all leather equipment furnished.  Patrol deputies are issued Tasers, cell phones (hopefully Smartphones next year), laptop computers, as well as a take-home patrol vehicle (Chargers, CV’s and pickups, SUV’s for Investigators) with M4 rifles, in-car video systems and radar units.

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